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Don't worry he's friendly!

Its so important to teach our dogs to interact in a calm and respectful way with other dogs and people. An 'over friendly' dog is not always a positive attribute as the recipient could perceive these exuberant overtures as bullying or intimidating.

So how do we manage this situation?

It may be that your dog is the one on the receiving end of this unwanted behaviour. You can attempt to walk off in the opposite direction being calm and reassuring to your dog. Unfortunately in this situation we often find ourselves with an extra pack member and no owner in sight.

Is it your dog that is getting yelled at by exasperated owners who have just peeled your pooch off their flattened or frightened dog. They will be angry and you may be feeling embarrassed, so its best to apologise and leave. THEN, you'll need to start addressing this behaviour to stop it becoming habitual.

Keep it simple....

Reward calm and positive interactions and walk your dog away from situations they are dominating. Most importantly you must manage this situation to stop it becoming habitual.

This way everyone is happy and our dogs can enjoy equal, balanced play.

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